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Happy Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire folk are always proud of their roots, but August 1st is the one day in the year they really pull out the stops to celebrate being from the largest, and arguably one of the most gorgeous, counties in England. Today we're providing Yorkshire Pudding wraps to lots of our lovely corporate clients and thought we would share some with the fabulous JoJo and Adam at Capital FM who keep us entertained in the office every weekday morning. capital-yp-wraps As JoJo said, these really are the breakfast of champions! Capital Towers - we hope you all enjoyed them! Before we take off our flat caps, head for a cup of Yorkshire Tea, and settle down for a marathon run of Emmerdale we thought we'd share some images from the lovely Holly's hen party on Saturday which we provided beautiful hampers full of Yorkshire goodness, including York ham, Wensleydale cheese, Barncliffe Brie, Yorkshire Blue and masses of locally sourced products along with tasty quiche made using eggs from our own chickens (so that makes them Yorkshire, right?!) heather-picnic-3 heather-picnic-2 heather-picnic-4   Just how gorgeous does this all look (even if we say so ourselves!)? If you'd like hampers bursting with tasty treats from our amazing chefs then please do get in touch.. or 01937 834696. Huge thanks to Holly for these images and allowing us to share them. Right, where's that cup of tea..?