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Meet the Team…

If you've not checked out our new website yet, we'd love you to have a look and let us know what you think. It's full of fab menu suggestions, mouthwatering images of some of our dishes and, should you ever feel the need to, you can check out our team based here. It's always great to have a sneaky peek into what goes on at F4D HQ and who's responsible for keeping the well oiled wheels turning. You can check us out here... Meet The Team Alternatively, check out this fantastic image that has been commissioned which shows you those team members listed on the site. How amazing is this? We love it - mostly because we all look a little younger and slimmer! 17425824_1445145855525309_7366379493815516440_n
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Alternative Catering Ideas – Wedding Picnics

Today's gorgeous weather is reminding us of beautiful summer weddings with sunshine bathed marquee and tipi parties. Festival style weddings are still hugely popular and that doesn't look like it's about to change any time soon, after all what's not to love about such a fun and relaxed style of wedding? Al fresco dining is perfect for festival weddings and we've had a number of couples recently who have opted for our picnic baskets served to table for all their guests to share. picnic-image Alternatively, you can have your food served on our quirky and fun picnic benches... friends4dinner-030 Whatever you do, choose something that you will love, and we're sure your guests will too.
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The Life of Pie

Did you know it's British Pie Week this week? It's the ultimate in comfort food, so we're not surprised there is a whole week dedicated to celebrating all things pie. In honour of one of our favourite foods, and a popular wedding menu or evening food option, we thought we would bring you some interesting facts you may not already know. 1. In the 12th Century, the most common pie filling was fowl, and it was cooked so that the legs were sticking out and could be used as handles! Swiftly moving forward to the 16th Century, and it was very popular for Gentry to put live animals into pies, creating a surprise element for guests when the pie was cut open and the beasts would jump out. Pies would include all manner of creatures, including foxes, squirrels and even 'four and twenty blackbirds'. four-and-twenty-blackbirds 2. The Guinness World Record for the most expensive pie ever sold was awarded to The Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire who, in 2005, sold a pie for £8195 which effectively cost the 8 people who ate it, £1024 a slice. Beats the local bakery at lunch time eh? It's ingredients included Japanese Wagyu Beef fillet, Chinese Matsutake Mushrooms, Winter Black truffles, French Bluefoot Mushrooms and gravy made from two bottles of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine, topped with edible gold leaf. 3. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, pie has ten different meanings - five as nouns, four as verbs and one as an adjective. 4. 36 million Americans say apple pie is their favourite (American Pie Council 2013) 5. Shakespeare went a little Sweeney Todd at one point and killed off two characters by cutting them up and putting them into a pie. We prefer a nice Steak Pie or at least a good Chicken & Mushroom ourselves! steak-pie However you have your pie this week, we hope you enjoy it! Image credits: Pinterest
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Shiny new website…

There's been much excitement at F4D HQ in the past few weeks as our shiny new website has been launched and we can't lie... we're quite a bit in love with it! If you haven't already checked it out yet, you can see it here... We've had lots of lovely feedback from supplier friends, clients and our wedding couples and we hope you will love it too. We'll soon be sharing more information on those trusted suppliers and venues we regularly work with, more case studies and also the fab testimonials we are always so grateful to receive. If there is anything in particular you'd love to see on our blog or the new website please let us know. Huge thanks to the brilliant team at Skye Create for all their help and hard work in getting the new site up and running. slider1
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2017 Wedding Menu Trends

This year we're seeing even more of the 2016 trend of couples doing it their way. The catering 'rule book' has been well and truly thrown out of the window and our brides and grooms are choosing menus that reflect them as a couple and as individuals. As a result, we've seen a huge rise in more relaxed food types such as Tapas, Curries or even a delicious Chinese menu a few weeks ago. Guests love the variety and for us, no two weddings are the same. One of our most popular menus for this year is the Pork Board - a trio of succulent Belly Pork, a Sausage Lollipop and a piece of Doreen's Black Pudding all served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and fresh market vegetables - delicious! wedding-caterers-gallery8 We'll be bringing you more 2017 trends in the coming months and we'll be sharing tasty seasonal recipes with you too along with some of our favourite real weddings. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it!